Go Pro Hero HD Unboxing

​The New Wearable POV Camera from Go Pro

Go Pro Hero HD Unboxing

The Go Pro Hero HD is a small, lightweight but strong HD video helmet camera. In fact it not only attaches to your crash helmet, but many places:

  • ​Your ​​rocket (couldn't find a surfboard icon ; )
  • ​Pushbike​
  • ​Skis
  • ​Car
  • ​Wheelchair!

…pretty much anywhere.

Having worn a similar camera on my epic Enduro Africa adventure, I know just how "big" these cameras will become. I got some superb, on-board" footage of a once in a lifetime event!

In the dim and distant past, I was a skydiver training to be a cameraman. Back then, before all this new technology, you had one choice for photography and another for video.

​For stills, you had to strap a DSLR to your head and take photos with a shutter release between your teeth. For video, you would have a digicam attached to the side of your head.

Check out this bonkers image of Bob Sinclair, a pioneer of action photo and video!

Early Skydiving Cameraman

​Photo credit: http://parachutistonline.com


So you can see, people have been trying to "invent" action cameras for a while. I think Go Pro have the innovation and technology to really push this forward.

​Anyway, rather than do a full review here​, you can see my simple unboxing ceremony below. In this video, I ​explain a little more about this cool little camera.

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