Go Pro HD Hero 4 Ordered

Was this the only one left in the south of England?

This was always going to be a popular camera but not this popular. I thought I would "let the dust settle" after its release and then buy one for an upcoming trip I am going on to review it properly.

Go Pro HD Hero 4 Ordered

I rang Go Pro Europe and asked about availability and shipping times and they couldn't guarantee a date. However, they did give me a list of all suppliers in the UK.

Well, I called 10 of them and no-one had any in stock until the end of October!

The last company I called was a cool little diving shop in Exeter. Lo and behold they had one Black Edition left so I nabbed it and just received this message:

Hi Nick Stubbs,  We have just sent you:  GoPro HERO4 Black x 1"


Review of Go Pro HD Hero 4 Black Edition

I am going to give this a full workout and test it for the new good stuff I have read about:

  • check
    4K video at 30fps
  • check
    1080p at 120fps
  • check
    Bluetooth connectivity
  • check
    12mp stills at 30fps
  • check
    Image and sound quality
  • check
    Night Photo + Night Lapse
  • check
    Auto Low Light

​I will soon see if the bad is as they say it is on forums etc:

  • Poor battery life (at high frame rates and 4K)
  • Artifact issues at 4K
  • Overheating issues with extended run times

Overall, the feature upgrades are more than enough for me to upgrade from the HD Hero 3 which the 3+ was lacking in my opinion.

I will also test it with some of my accessories to see how that goes as well as using it on a car, my motorbike, body and so on.

I am also going to do a funky comparison with the Go Pro 1, 2 and 3 by lining them all up with the Go Pro HD Hero 4. I'll then see how this little marvel has progressed and improved over the years.

Edit 17.10.14 – Go Pro 4 Has arrived

Go Pro HD Hero 4 Ordered

This is a cool book on mastering any Go Pro camera:

Go Pro HD Hero 4 Ordered
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