Go Pro HD Hero 2 vs Hero 3 – Sound and Low Light Comparison

Go Pro Hero Sound Comparison

Go Pro Hero Sound Comparison

Sound Improvements on the Go Pro HD Hero 3?

For this Go Pro Hero sound comparison, I used the Go Pro HD Hero 2 and Hero 3. The Go Pro HD Hero 2 is (was) a favourite of mine and I have used it on many occasions. However, the sound quality was extremely poor from the built-in microphone and the low light quality was "ok".

But nothing amazing.

So, when I received the Go Pro HD Hero 3, I wanted to test both low light footage and sound quality. I hoped that the sound may be usable for "ad-hoc" filming at the drop of a hat. Well, the difference was quite remarkable but how did they compare?

I have made a short video below where both cameras are "naked" and out of their housings. The video was shot in a dark garage with just one, relatively low light on me with a black background.

Check out the difference below...(then see our full Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Camera Review)

Go Pro Hero Sound Comparison
Go Pro Hero Sound Comparison
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