Go Pro Flat Port Housing for HD Hero’s

A replacement for the standard, rounded lens housing

Go Pro Flat Port Housing

If you've owned a Go Pro camera for any length of time, you will have undoubtedly tried using it underwater. If you have used it underwater, you may well have been, much like myself, quite disappointed! The camera needs a Go Pro flat port housing to give clear, sharp images. 

The Go Pro camera series, including the HD Hero 2, shoot very good quality video for such a small unit. It would be safe to assume that it would work as well underwater too. After all, it does come in a unique waterproof housing good for depths of up to 60 metres.

However, the port that covers the lens is curved which prevents the lens from focussing properly when submerged. Therefore you end up with frustratingly blurry images. I know I was seriously disappointed when I first tried as I wanted to use this camera for various projects underwater.

As a result, it wasn't long before some clever boffins redesigned and modified the housing. They replaced the curved lens housing with a flat port housing but did this make much difference? You betcha it did!

Check out my review and comparison video using the link here: Go Pro Flat Port Housing

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