Go Pole Bobber for Go Pro

Don't Lose Your Go Pro HD Hero in the Sea!

Go Pro cameras are great and very durable but I hear too many stories where they get lost or damaged. Whether a Go Pro is dropped out of a plane or falls off from a car, many times they survive. But not always.

I have seen a couple of stories where Go Pro's that had been dropped and lost in the sea turn up years later. In one case, the camera, still in its case, still worked. The photos were shared online and the owners of the camera found. Amazing.

Go Pole Bobber

I have just had delivered, my new Go Pole Bobber for the Go Pro HD Hero cameras. Slightly overpriced at £24 (delivered) but what the hey! It will ease my mind when messing about in the sea and swimming pools of France.

Basically, the Bobber is an air-filled lump of plastic in a "hard to miss" yellow colour. It also comes with a wrist strap for extra security. Should you drop your Go Pro in the water, it will float and should be easy to spot.

Anyway, I will be reviewing the Go Pole Bobber over the coming weeks and will no doubt take it to the beach tomorrow with the kids : )

In the meantime, you can grab one for yourself at Amazon:

Go Pole Bobber
The Go Pole Bobber
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