And You Thought Photoshop Was Tough!

Amazing ​Digital Video Editing on Music Video​

Digital Video Editing

​Are you are new to using Adobe Photoshop? Even if you have been using it for years like I have, ​you are ​probably still only using a fraction of what it can do. ​What about digital video editing​, have you tried that yet?

For those of you that are new to digital imaging, you may ​get frustrated at times. ​Because even the simplest of tasks can seem daunting let alone all that ​super-creative work ​you see everywhere​.

So knowing how tough it is to edit and create art with still images, spare a thought for those ​"geniuses​" that work tirelessly with video to get stunning results.

​Personally, I have used Sony Vegas Pro for about 6 years now and love what it can do. I​'ve done quite a bit of basic editing as well as dabbling with more challenging tasks. I use both Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects, the industry number one for creative techniques and features.

With that in mind, check out this Memory Tapes video (above) that I came across today. Then wonder to yourself ​"how the hell did he do that​"? Amazing piece of work and the music was so good I bought it straight away from iTunes : )

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