Flash Diffusers and Softboxes

Making the Most of Your Speedlights and Flashguns

Flash Diffusers and Softboxes. I have been looking for a tried, tested and extensive flash diffuser system for some time now. Something compatible with my Canon Speedlights to enable me to leave the studio lights at home more often.

Recently, I stumbled across an advert for Harbour Digital Design products and had a good look through their site. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

Flash Diffusers and Softboxes
Flash Diffusers and Softboxes

Other flash diffusers and softboxes came to my attention but I was looking for more of a "mini softbox". A standard speedlight diffuser which I could use for many of my projects was also on my shopping list. Projects including weddings, stock photography and property photography.

So, I ordered their pro pack which included everything including a few colour filters, reflectors and accessories. Since buying, I have given it a try at numerous weddings and property shoots.

The spread of light that these products gave amazed me and I now take them everywhere with me. My kit bag is up to 10kg and rising!! I even bought a second pro kit for a two speedlight set up. Now I have a portable mini studio!

I've written a quick review and suggest that read up if you are looking for accessories for your own speedlight. They are available for many makes and models.

You will receive a 5% discount if you use the code on the review page.

Flash diffusers and softboxes review

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