November 22, 2014

It’s Not What You’ve Got It’s How You Use It!

How to take stunning landscapes with an entry level DSLR and kit lens with Chris Frost Photography

Post updated January 2018: So many people in so many industries believe that it is the equipment that makes you a better (insert past-time here). Not so for photographer Chris Frost.

An expensive skateboard will make you the next Tony Hawk. Buying pricey ski gear will get you on Ski Sunday. Would buying the most professional DSLR you can afford earn you a living as a professional photographer?

Chris Frost from Dorset knocks that concept on the head. All images below are strictly copyright to Chris Frost Photography. Please respect that and do not copy, share or use, thanks.

Chris started out his photography days using a Kodak Disc camera at the age of 12. He saw the results and instantly gave it up. It was only whilst on honeymoon in Japan in 2009 that his passion for photography (and travel) developed using a Panasonic Lumix compact camera.

A Few Photo's From Chris Frost

Chris Frost

Copyright Chris Frost Photography – Do Not Copy

I met Chris at a craft fair where he had his beautiful landscapes on display and for sale. I was impressed at the quality and consistency of his images and the obvious time and dedication that had gone into them.

Chris Frost

Copyright Chris Frost Photography – Do Not Copy

Chris has lived in and shot all around the Yorkshire dales and now lives and works in Dorset. He says that a lot of effort goes into each shot meaning getting up at the crack of dawn, or before, finding the right locations and sometimes getting wet.

Chris Frost

Copyright Chris Frost Photography – Do Not Copy

He uses filters such as the 10 stop neutral density filter which helps to slow down the shutter speed for those milky water shots and the occasional gradual filter to enhance the skies in his landscapes.

Chris Frost
Chris Frost

Copyright Chris Frost Photography – Do Not Copy

I asked Chris what his "weapon of choice" was. I was (admittedly) surprised and happy when he said he uses an entry level DSLR (Nikon D3100) with the kit lens. Great stuff!

So, if you are waiting until you can afford that pro/semi pro camera before you think your work will shine, think again. Grab whatever you have and just get out there.

It is all about:

  • Vision (seeing the image in your head)
  • Execution (making the effort to find the right light and location)
  • Dedication (getting up early)
  • Knowledge (knowing what accessories to use to get the job done)

If you would like to see more of Chris’s work and perhaps buy one or two framed prints, please check out his work below:

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