September 18, 2012

Canon Announce the New Full Frame EOS 6D

Hot on the Heels of the Nikon D600. Canon's New "In-Betweener"

Canon 6D Announced

Just days after Nikon release news of the D600, Canon follow up with their own announcement. A new consumer level, full frame, "in-between-5Dmkii-and-7D" DSLR, the Canon EOS 6D.

This new addition seems to be a hybrid of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the EOS 7D but with some niggles and some "aha's".

There is one main "aha" that could get you reaching for your credit card. That is the fact that it has the ability to upload images (via your smartphone) directly to your favourite social media sites.

Canon EOS 6D compared to the 5D Mark II

Firstly, the Canon EOS 6D is only $100 cheaper than the 5D Mark II was on release. This makes me feel as though it is more of a 5D Mark IIs of sorts.

The megapixel count is just about the same and the 6D only has two more AF points. Video is practically the same but the Wi-Fi and GPS are a major upgrade.

Also, the rear articulated screen is a huge bonus. I only wish Canon would incorporate this into their 5D range as it is so handy for video work.

It wouldn't be enough for me to upgrade from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. However, for anyone looking to upgrade from a lower grade DSLR, the Canon EOS 6D is a pretty good camera.

Read more and see the official press release here:

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