Black and White Photos That Capture the Soul

Step back in time with great black and white photography

Soulful Black and White Photography

Forget your trendy filters and effects for now. Keep your Pocket Wizards in your pocket. Leave all your funky gadgets at home for a while and head out for a day or two. Take time out to shoot some pure and simple, soulful black and white photography.

When I started learning about cameras as a 13 year old schoolboy, I was fascinated with black and white photography. I built my own darkroom in our loft and would spend hours in there creating mostly awful work. However, now and again I would create something special and that made it all worthwhile.

It is a great feeling when you have a purpose to your day's photographic endeavours. A reason to get out and start a project on a particular subject or topic and black and white photography can be very rewarding.

Lose the colour

Removing colour from the equation focuses your mind more. You tend to focus on actual photography rather than many other "colour-related" factors. Bright and bold colours that normally catch your eye and engage your trigger finger become irrelevant as you start to imagine the world around you in monochrome.

A huge thanks to Headshots of London for writing the following article which explores the depths of black and white photography in more detail.

Set picture styles to monochrome and head over to read the article now.

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