Canon EOS 1D MKIIN and EOS 5D

Two New DSLR's From the Canon Camp!

Canon have once again raised the bar and dangled the digital carrot at Nikon. From what I can gather so far, the Canon EOS 1D MKIIN and EOS 5D cameras are quite different in what Canon is trying to achieve.

Canon EOS 1D MKIIN and EOS 5D

High End Professional and Prosumer Canon Cameras

The Canon EOS 1D MKII "N" has stayed relatively the same as the 1D MKII with a few alterations here and there (albeit very good and welcome ones). While in contrast, the EOS 5D is a whole new camera altogether. I have already seen arguments as to whether it should be classed as a pro or semi-pro camera.

In Canon's own words, any 1-digit number (1D MKII 1DS MKII etc) is classified as pro. The 2-digit numbers (20D, 10D) are semi pro and 3-digit numbers (300D, 350D) are entry level.

For me, the 5D is another breakthrough for Canon. Based on the design of the popular 20D, the 5D now has a beautiful full frame sensor, 12.8 million effective pixels. It also has a massive 2.5", 230,000 pixel review screen amongst many other new features.

If I didn't already own the EOS 20D I would definitely have the EOS 5D on my immediate shopping list. However, the additional features on the 1D MKII "N" are not enough to make me want to upgrade from the 1D MKII.

For people already in the market for an upgrade or new camera altogether, these 2 "newbies" from Canon are positively mouth-watering. The EOS 5D is a definite contender for wedding and portrait photographers who can't quite stretch to a 1Ds MKII or 1Ds.

More info on the Canon EOS 1D MKIIN and EOS 5D

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Canon EOS 1D MKIIN and EOS 5D
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