Audio Test Go Pro HD Hero Black 4 vs 5 (Video)

Now the Go Pro HD Hero 5 has stereo sound, will it beat the HD Hero 4 on audio?

Go Pro HD Hero 5 Black Audio Quality Test

Post updated January 2018: As soon as I buy any new camera that I may use for video, I always check the audio quickly. Audio means a lot in productions so I like to know if the internal audio is good. Good enough for "run and gun" situations or if I need to add an external microphone.

In the following video, I not only tested the audio, but also how each camera did in relatively low light conditions. The camera settings were the same for both cameras:

Camera Settings Both Go Pro HD Hero Black Cameras (4 and 5)

  • check
    Resolution = 4K @ 29.970p
  • check
    Pro Tune = On
  • check
    Colour = Flat
  • check
    View = Wide
  • check
    White Balance = Auto
  • check
    ISO = Max 800
  • check
    Shutter = Auto
  • check
    EV (+/-) = 0
  • check
    Sharpness = Medium
  • check
    Post Processing = None

All in all I think it was fairly close. I have to say though, the new stereo recording on the HD Hero 5 Black is pretty good.

The audio is different on each but you can swap the Hero 5's audio between stereo, left or right channel. This is depending on quality obtained from each and output required.

I also thought that the image quality was slightly better on the Hero 5 Black. I​'m not sure as to why the Hero 4 was significantly lighter.

I double checked and both cameras were set exactly the same. As I said before, I sometimes have to set the EV (+/-) to -1 for best results.

Anyway, if the internal audio doesn't float your boat, with an additional audio adapter, you could use the following mics with the Go Pro HD Hero 5 Black:

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