Wedding Photography Case Study

Coping With Shooting and Filming a 13 Hour Wedding With 7 Venues

Wedding Photography Case Study

A Special Wedding Photography Case Study - Venues Galore!

I have shot a lot of weddings in my time in many different venues, countries and locations:

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    Many good
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    Some bad
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    A few spectacular
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    Some that are incredibly hard work

There is something about weddings that keeps me coming back for more. Year after year I say this will be my last and then I get that phone call. "Hi, we are getting married in a very cool venue and would love you to photograph our wedding...are you available"?

I just can't help myself but say yes. I don't know if it is the money or the creative urge in me but I just can't seem to give them up!

The wedding in this case study had elements of all of the above. The people were cool and friendly, the venues were superb and it was all local.

However, this was no ordinary wedding. The bride had been organising it for a long time and it certainly helped that she was an events organiser during her working days.

There was a lot going on, a lot of people and a lot of different locations.

The only way to cope with this was to hire a second photographer and to plan the day meticulously.

Read on to see a full rundown plus sample photos and the finished slideshow of the day…

Wedding Photography - A Case Study

Wedding Photography Case Study
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