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Digital Photography and Imaging Tips For All!

Welcome to All Things Photography! We are now into our 10th year and 4th incarnation. However, the website is currently undergoing some "all new" changes (version 5) with some exciting additions coming soon.

We still have the photography blog and the free user gallery where you can upload your images to ATP for everyone to see and comment on but in the coming months, the site will see a whole new look with even more additions just for you!

We encourage reader feedback and would appreciate any information regarding navigation issues or errors whether grammatical, factual or otherwise.

If you haven't done so already, why not join our growing and super-friendly community forums and be kept up to date with our newsletter?

Below is a free tutorial on flash photography from the total 16 hours+ of training videos at www.atpmembers.com, our private membership site for all levels of photographers.

The site also covers advanced training on stock photography, wedding photography, DSLR training for beginners and intermediate photographers plus a huge business section. Come and see what our community of 900+ members are saying about ATP Members...

The Diffuser used in this video was the Gary Fong Cloud Lightsphere

How to Sell Stock Photos

Shoot Stock Photos

Use this eBook to learn how to shoot, upload and sell your images to create a residual, monthly income.

Sell Stock Photography

Wedding Photography Blueprint

Shoot Weddings

Our NEW 8 DVD set of tutorial videos and eBooks will help to get you started in this lucrative business.

Learn to Shoot Weddings

Start a Photography Business

Start a Photo Business

Starting your own photography business needn't be as daunting as you think. See our guide.

Start a Photo Business

  • Do you need photography tips or help on improving your Photoshop work?
  • Would you like a guide to better stock, child or wedding photography?
  • Are you looking to make an income from stock or any other form of photography?
  • Would you like to start your own photography business?
  • Maybe you just want to upgrade your analogue kit to digital?

The idea behind All Things Photography is to offer the kind of 'Helping Hand' that I was looking for when I started out over 30 years ago! We hope to offer you a good mixture of direction and photography tips for beginners, and handy hints for the more experienced. Maybe even earn some money from photography long the way.

Some people are said to have an 'Eye' for a photograph, whilst this is true, I also say it's more about practice, persistence and passion!

Over the last 30 years, I really have stuck my nose into All Things Photography and have always kept myself firmly on the photography learning curve. I think I can safely say that it is something I will never leave!

Please use All Things Photography, and our extensive photography tips, to improve your photographic or photo-editing skills, even if you are starting from scratch, before long you will be producing prints worthy of that space on your wall at home or in your office!

Why not get creative and learn how to enter them into some of the many photography competitions. Maybe you too can turn your Pixels into Pocket Money, Clicks into Cash or Pictures into a Profession!

Most of the content on All Things Photography refers to Digital Photography, but many of the photography tips can be used equally well for film photography.

All hints, photography tips and suggestions are written by professional photographers and have been used in a professional capacity. 99% of the photographs used have been taken by the authors and the rest have been bought from reputable, online, royalty free stock agencies.

With regards to photography products recommended throughout ATP, everything that we recommend is sold by reputable, secure online stores. If we wouldn't buy there, we wouldn't expect you to and the chances are we have probably bought or used it ourselves.

Essential Photoshop Tools

Photoshop Tools

Autoloader and Proofmaker are two amazing Photoshop tools that massively speed up your processing workflow saving time and money. Check them out!

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ATP Members

Online Photography Training

Online Photography Training

Join ATP Members for intensive tutorials on wedding and stock photography, Digital SLR camera training, starting a business and much more...

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Digital Imaging Tools

Digital Imaging Tools

Action Pak Vol 2

The best starter kit for your Photoshop Actions. Use these to give your images a pro punch! My favourite!

Learn more

Photoshop Actions

Action Pak Vol 3

50 Digital Actions to really enhance your photographs and workflow from within Photoshop CS3, 4, 5....

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Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Bor-tex

A host of stunning and useful effects and borders to make your digital images stand out from the crowd!

Learn more

Kubota Super Studio Pak

Super Studio

Everything you will need to make your images pop in one incredible imaging and Photoshop actions package!

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